Fatale Attraction

Remi Nicole – Fed Up (Kissy Sell Out’s Rules of Attraction Remix) [Island]

One for those who like their jeans skinny and their hair asymmetrical, the jaunty singer-songwriter fare of Remi Nicole’s ‘Fed Up’ here finds itself on the receiving end of an eccentric electro mullering courtesy of one of Radio One’s more high-minded and expansive arty media types, emerging with its soulful dignity just about intact.

Looping and rehousing the original’s simple acoustic guitar hook alongside a spliced and diced vocal, Kissy Sell Out strips out the melancholy from Nicole’s laid back and low-key original, shaking it out of weary resignation into an altogether more urgent and defiant stance. The listener is propelled from the quiet laundrette of the promotional video to some kind of ungodly warehouse melee via a smattering of staggered builds, whooshes, and a series of unscheduled breaks apparently designed to give the ill-prepared DJ a full on coronary.

The result is less a hazy love hangover, more a messy rebound out on the ‘class-A’s.


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