RHIANNA & JACK TROMBEY – Word Love (King Edward’s 4th & Final Underlay) {music}

Word LoveBack in the day I – like the best of them – fudged a few hip hop blends together, the re-recording of which is one of those many projects I’m forever getting around to. Then out of nowhere I find myself inexpertly hacking away at this re-edit.

It started innocently enough with a hunt for a one-time favourite ‘Word Love (Jay’s Extended Remix)’ by Rhianna (not R&B’s S&Mbassador Rihanna, you understand, but a UK pop-soulstress that didn’t make much of a ripple back in the early ’00s). The remix features on Mancunian house revivalists the Unabombers’ 2004 Electric Soul 2 mix but I was typically too lazy to convert my vinyl to MP3.

In my search I stumbled upon the original release which, I was surprised to recognise, samples 60s library composer Jack Trombey’s cracking beat instrumental ‘Underlay No. 3’. But where Trombey’s track has a great intro and tight close, ‘Word Love’ disappointingly fades in and out.

If I had a little more production prowess I might do something about that acid jazz guitar solo, which has nothing on some of the original’s riffing turns, but for now here is my simple bookending of Rhianna’s song with Trombey’s beginning and end.


When I put it up for free download on Soundcloud it was promptly removed, but here’s a link if you’d like it for thine own: http://www.divshare.com/download/25962775-44b

Regrettably since “going to print” the non-downloadable track has been taken down again by Soundcloud. An unfinished version appears on Stream of Consciousness and the above divshare download link is still valid (as far as I’m aware).







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