Breaks In The Road

C2C – Down the Road [On And On]

Coming on like a bare knuckle bout between the deft, melodic scratch-work of RJD2 and the clubwise high drama of Justice, the grainy harmonica blues that opens ‘Down the Road’ soon gives way to choppy sampling amid a torrent of ballsy, Gallic house that leaves all-comers fleeing the car park.

Comprising Beat Torrent’s Atom and Pfel, alongside 20Syl and DJ Greem of the smoother, more prolific Hocus Pocus, C2C (formerly Coups2Cross) are an electro, hip hop turntablist quartet from Nantes with the jaw-dropping props of having won four DMC World Team DJ Championships on the bounce.

Unleashed in January into the fray of France’s multitudinous new breed of supremely funky, genre-splicing, analogue-electro acts like Deluxe and Chinese Man, ‘Down the Road’ is the Hulk to Bruce Banner’s Play-era Moby.


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