SoC2: Spacial Awareness {music}

Whenever you bought my granddad a new cardigan or such he’d always keep it in the chest of drawers for weeks on end before deeming to wear it. Not out of meanness you understand, it was just something he did.

Uncovering_the_Veil_NebulaI have a similar thing going on with mixes and such; I have to sit on them a-while, come to terms with them.

This podcast came together very slowly over a long period of time, but was finished in a flurry of excitement. Weeks ago. Apparently only now – long after all the Christmas downtime and Hogmanay warm-ups I thought it’d be good for – am I ready to share.

Picking up where ‘Stream of Consciousness‘ left off (namely the vacuum of space) this 58 minute ramble on love and life never strays too far from interplanetary rare groove – though there is a lot of matter-of-fact effing and blinding (mostly effing) around the twenty minute mark, so be ready for that.

I’ve not even started on the third installment, so you can expect that sometime in 2o16…




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