KING CREOSOTE – You’ve No Clue Do You (Atlantic Conveyor Remix) [Names/679]

Neither flimsy cocktails-on-the-terrace house nor your four-four to the face, London duo Atlantic Conveyor have been turning out spacially aware house music without significant fanfare since the early noughties.

Stunted after a swift settling on label management as their primary focus, Steve Harris and Christopher Tubbs’ productions still stand as works of wonder, a singular brand of dub-wise house at abyssian depths, perhaps best represented in an empyrean rework of the otherwise anchorless ‘Duet’ by Zane Lowe vehicle Breaks Co-Op.

Similarly game-changing is this treatment of prolific Fence Collective folk magnate Kenny Anderson’s dependably pithy and dismissive ‘You’ve No Clue Do You’. Originally a strummy pop number reminiscent of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac, there is an inevitable air of tech folk to the retouch, only with a warmer, more full-bodied aura courtesy of AC’s house keys and a recasting of the strings in a lead role.

Bitter rarely tastes so sweet.

You’ve No Clue Do You (Atlantic Conveyor Mix)


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