THE MOHAWKS – Beat Me Till I’m Blue [Pama/Vampi Soul]

A session supergroup under the leadership of Alan Hawkshaw’s masterful hammond, The Mohawks were responsible for stand-alone mod-funk album The Champ, who’s titular track launched a thousand breaks.

As you’d expect from the man behind some of British television’s most iconic theme tunes – announcing everything fromGrange Hill to the Channel 4 News – Hawkshaw’s brash band take on late 60s funk is dripping with arresting hooks and heavy grooves, all delivered with a cheeky kitsch pomp.

With a long career in producing stock recordings for KPM – add the music from those classic Cadbury’s Milk Tray ads to the list above – with sojourns into the fields of classic rock, easy listening and disco, he’s become a pretty reliable bet for the dusty fingered in search of jaunty sample.

A maniacally sanguine hammond workout, ‘Beat Me Till I’m Blue’ has seen no shortage of borrowing action either, and is thankfully more akin to the Yorkshireman’s soulful pageantry for The Dave Allen Show than his (admittedly fitting) contribution to Countdown.


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