CRO – Easy (DJP’s Old School Edit)

Now I’ve no idea what weighty themes are being turned over on this track – my class was spared the customary businessman’s German in favour of the attractive if not overly useful Italian – but here, for once, we have a German rapper sounding like he’s less than literally spitting bullets.

‘Easy’ deservedly went gold in the fatherland on the masked bubblegum rapper’s Chimperator label, but it took a bespectacled Midlander’s deft re-rub and a shout-out from party beats blog Ghetto Funk to bring it to the Hidden Crate’s attention.

Despite Stoke-On-Trent’s DJP hailing from the amped-up funk-breaks stables of Wack Records, Goodgroove and Manmade, his touch is pretty light on this cheeky bootleg (available through DJP’s facebook and soundcloud pages).

After Cro’s supremely mellow, stuttering vibes lay a foundation for the calm self-assurance of Cro on the mic, the application of some anvil-heavy beats and a vocoder on the closing singen are all that’s needed to bring a firmer more nod to the plate.



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