B-boy Meets Girl

Calagad13 – I Can Make You Dance (Kid Stretch Remix) [Breakbeat Paradise]

Barking out of the speakers with a proto-rap dancefloor declaration ‘I Can Make You Dance’ gives way to a trans-European love affair that sees Tony Manero don a baseball cap and break his way into the twenty-first century.

Released in 2010 through BadboE and Wiccatron’s digital imprint BBP and characteristic of the big-hit-and-near-miss breakbeat funk fillers rattled out by the likes of Good Groove, Manmade and Jalapeno, the A-side by old school Spanish beatsmith Calagad13 seems positively toothless once you’ve been dealt Greek DMC champ DJ Kid Stretch’s dependably shrewd and ballsy remix.

After drawing out the opening b-boy drum break, Stretch nudges the post-saturation disco’s subtle breakdowns and bridges into more full-bodied club territory with an arsenal of filters and oddly thrillsome jarring, glitchy effects, somehow teasing more bounce from the bass and a great deal more drama from the Love Boat strings.

The outcome is an extended but more upfront and direct party rocker with a flower for the lady.

‘I Can Make You Dance (Kid Stretch Remix)’ by Calagad13 was released as a 12″ and digital download [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings].


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