Plucky 7s {music}

Plucky 6--no wait!This mix shouldn’t be here.

In March I was asked to put together an hour of funk 45s for former Curios? Collective associate Scott D Buchanan’s US-based radio show.

I find a straight sixty of any one sound can grow a bit tiresome for me as a listener, never mind a compiler, but in the last couple of years I’ve played a few “strictly seven” sets (for want of a taxi fare if nothing else) resulting in a few mix-based thought germs rattling around upstairs.

Now it only took me nine weeks to put the mix together and record it a handful of times before I was ready to tell Scott it was ready, then another week while I changed my mind and recorded it twice more, but by this time his long-running show had encountered debilitating logistical issues that have forced it on a silent sabbatical.

So America and the World’s loss is the Hidden Crate’s (and your) gain.

Tending to eschew the hard and fast cuts on most 45rpm releases and reissues appears to have pushed my 7″ collection into some pretty out there territory – perhaps because of this my days with the freewheeling Curios? gang is well represented here – but I stand by it all, and have rediscovered so many more forgotten loves in the process that Scott needn’t worry about a sequel once he’s back on the air.


Now available for free download:




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