All Beef No Pork {music}

Back of the CrateMy last proper mix – and the only one as yet completed under the King Edward moniker – from late 2o13.

We encountered the phrase “All Beef No Pork” on some trash reality date-a-forgotten-hip-hopper show in reference to the firmness of a lady’s behind (as an expression of her own pride). It seemed an appropriate nod to the “All Killer No Filler” from mixtapes of yore.

I first used How To Give Yourself a Stereo Check-Out on an early mix I called The Epic Soul Test, still in existence but trapped in MiniDisk impotency. Here I overlaid the patter after the fact and thus have an ‘unfinished’ talk-free version in my files. If there’s any interest I’ll gladly pop that up too.

The image is a photo of the back of my long-suffering record box.


Here it is on Soundcloud for the download:


All Beef No Pork

Jack De Manio – How To Give Yourself a Stereo Check-Out
Krazy Baldhead – My Soul Is Like a Tree
Luke Vibert – We Hear You
Tall Black Guy – From Home to Work and Back
Bonobo – Kong
The Herbaliser ft Latryx – 8 Point Agenda
Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm – Thinking Black
Thes One & Raashan Ahmad – Doin’ It
DJ Shadow – The Number Song (Cut Chemist Party Mix)
Aim – Underground Crown Holders [Edit]
JD73 – Ascension
Aim ft Diamond D – The Omen (Accapella)
Betty Swann – When the Game Is Played On You
Letherette – After Dawn
Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)
Joakim – Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Remix)
L’Impératrice – L’Impératrice



2 thoughts on “All Beef No Pork {music}

  1. Hi Mark, Hope you are well? Been a long time since Edinburgh. I was wondering if I could put your mix on my radio show on invader FM? Really been feeling it, it’s a nice wee mix!Let me know as I could get it out on tomorrow nights show. If it’s too short notice we could put it up in 2 weeks. Enjoy your posts on Hidden Crate, great stuff! Neil. (DJ Babes) Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 10:42:50 +0000 To:

    • Hey thanks Neil, I’d be delighted! I am however just about to board a plane abroads and won’t be back ’til Monday.

      If you’re okay to wait we can parlay then. Otherwise you have my blessing to lift it from my Soundcloud in return for the appropriate pluggage.

      Good to hear from you anyhoo pal. And thanks for the props!


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