Carved in Stone

Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings [Warp Records]

Okay, so this charming little number is less than entirely hidden, being featured in an advert for Kindle and all, but it’s so very sweet and life affirming, and it’s hardly troubling the X-Factory for domination of the hit parade.

It’s a real curio too, opening with a full minute-and-a-half of pastoral guitar that wouldn’t be out of place on the opening titles of a twee 70s puppet-based children’s program. After drawing neatly to a close there’s a breath’s pause and in comes a chirpy highlife hook best savoured with a smiling face-full of cool morning sunshine. We’re treated to some musings on the life afterlife of romantic graffiti while guitars layer up dreamily (there’s a synth buried in there somewhere too), and then it’s all over.

It is a stronger person than I who resists instantly clicking this back for another fix. Lovely stuff.

‘Lovers’ Names’ by Bibio was released as a single and features on the album Ambivalence Avenue [Warp Records].


2 thoughts on “Carved in Stone

    • Thanks G. Do you know the tune or had opportunity to seek it out? I’d be interested to know if you think this describes it well and hear anything you might have to add. Me.

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